Come as you are

These retreats are informal, meaning you can engage your practice as it is now. These are for everyone who has a sitting practice.

You can practice zen, vipassana, shamatha-vipashyana, mahamudra, dzogchen, any (silent) sitting practice is welcome!

Come when you can

Our weeklongs during Summer 2019 are held from 9:00am until 5:00pm, with a two hour break for lunch on your own. (Noon - 2:00pm)

Come for the whole retreat, a whole day, or even half a day.


Free to Members or $25/ day

If you are a member of MTC at any level, these retreats are yours for the taking. They are included in your membership fees.

For anyone else: $25/day, $75 for the week

Supported with teachings

Each retreat features additions to our library of video/audio talks that support the practice of intensive meditation.

July Retreat:

Sunday July 7, 9am: First-time instruction

Wednesday July 10, 7pm: Meditation Talk