MTC denver

Exceptional Meditation Training in Denver

MTC has regular meditation sessions, general courses, beginning instruction, small group training, and one-to-one training programs.

It’s all here and now.

MTC is open to anyone who wants to train in meditation. We teach a solid, authentic practice from modern buddhist tradition, but you don't have to be buddhist to train in this way.

MTC Weekly Schedule




Our yearlong courses meet on Mondays. Registration for these opens in Spring 2019.

NOTE: All Monday classes are full
until November 2019!

Basecamp Training (full)
October 7

October 21

Mahamudra (full)
October 14

October 28


Open Sitting (every Week!)


Join us for sitting and a meditation talk. Our Wednesday schedule:

Sitting: 6:30-7:45
(30min sessions with short breaks)

Talk: 7:45-8:30ish

After sitting, hear a short relevant talk
on meditation practice with a discussion.
Bring any questions you have about
about meditation training!


Every Sunday: 

Sitting 10:00am - 12:00pm
(30min sessions with short breaks)


First Time Meditation Instruction
9:00am - 10:00am (just show up!)

October 6

October 20

Who are we?


Jeffrey Stevens

Jeffrey is the Director of MTC, and is also the teacher, coach, and instructor.

A meditation teacher for 20 years, Jeffrey is a familiar face on the meditation scene.

Visit his blog to read his extended bio.


Tribal Council

MTC is a 501c3 nonprofit social organization. As such, we have a Board of Directors, but we call it our Tribal Council.

Our Tribal Council consists of longtime practitioners and founding members of MTC. Each Council member is happy to meet you and help you find your way on the journey of practicing at MTC.



MTC operates on simple payments that include opportunities to practice with others and to receive guidance and training. Our inclusive membership options try to make it simple.

MTC Membership $45 monthly

This Membership keeps MTC alive. This pays for the building, the cushions, the website and banking. This pays for the creation of a good space with our aspirations to make it better and better. 

With this membership, you can come to unlimited sitting and training (ex: Wednesday Night Meditation & Talk). 

You will also receive a discounted rate on all classes and retreats. You will receive a coupon code to apply to any classes or retreats you would like to attend.

Thank you so much for supporting MTC.

MTC Sublime Membership $100

For those who want to support MTC further than the $45 level, this membership helps us move our vision into reality. 

This level of membership gives you a course series of your choosing, unlimited sitting and daylong intensives, and a 25% discount on additional classes and retreats.

Note: this membership is identical to Basecamp Training membership, for those enrolled. For students enrolled, please use this link.

Thank you for your additional support!

Patron of MTC $125

The Patron Membership includes all classes, daylong intensives, and 25% discounts on retreats.

Note: This membership is identical to Mahamudra Cohort membership, for those enrolled. For students enrolled, please use this link.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.


MTC is Downstairs in The Highlands Center

3401 W 29th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80211


Getting inside MTC involves coming into the building either through the front door or the alley.

You choose. . .


Front door

Alley off of Julian Street

Front Door

  1. enter front of building on 29th Street. 

  2. climb stairway to main entrance. There are three doors. Our front door is all the way to left.

  3. walk down long hallway, turn left, turn right, turn left around staircase. (just follow signs for Meditation Training Community)

  4. go down stairs and all the way to the end. That's us. 

  5. shoes off, come in

Alley (during winter, alley can be icy)

  1. walk up the alley to the door on your left.

  2. come in, jog right, go downstairs all the way to the end.

  3. shoes off, come in